Promised to the Pack

SERIES: Standalones
GENRES: Paranormal Romance

When the human female he once loved returns to the small Ozark town of Corior Falls, wolf shifter Thorne Winslow must make a choice: let his battle scars and self-banishment from his original pack keep them apart, or fight his inner demons to take back his woman and his throne.

Thorne knows what he wants to do, but it’s not that easy. Once groomed to be Alpha of the Silex pack, Thorne now has a target on his back, and he’ll die before he lets Willow wear one, too. He tells himself he’s content running his MC garage and staving off his loneliness with the occasional one-night stand. Willow’s return changes things, however, and soon it becomes clear she’s in grave danger. The only way to save her is to embrace the way of the wolf. But can he share her with his pack?

Now Thorne must convince Willow that he’s never stopped loving her even as he tells her what’s required to save her life, something he fears will destroy him. And when the danger is over, will Thorne regain his throne only to lose his position as the Alpha of Willow’s heart?

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