Craving Her Cowboy

SERIES: Standalones
GENRES: Contemporary Romance

Five years ago, Natalie Haynes left her small hometown of Playbook Springs to become a celebrity photographer in Los Angeles, California. When she moved she swore she’d never return to the place where others mocked her and her family, claiming they were gold diggers. But when her Hollywood actor boyfriend publicly humiliates her, pregnant Natalie has no choice but to return home. The last thing she expects is to be offered a job by her older brother’s best friend, Daniel “Coop” Cooper.

Coop has plans to expand the hardware store his parents left him, and Natalie’s artistic talent will help make it happen. Soon, however Coop realizes that what he wants most is Natalie herself. Only Natalie’s not planning on staying in Playbook Springs. She’s pregnant with another man’s child, and she believes she and her baby will never truly belong in Coop’s world. 

But Coop won’t let Natalie go without a fight. He’s liked her since she was a child. He’s in love with the woman she’s become. And he wants to be a father to Natalie’s child. Now he just has to prove that no matter where she lives, Natalie will always be home in the arms of the cowboy who loves her.

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