Delete Nudes

SERIES: Standalones
GENRES: Contemporary Romance

A love story told completely in texts…

Catherine Morgan, a successful actress, has her phone hacked and her nudes released on the Internet. With her career on the line, she needs to make sure it doesn’t happen again. So she reaches out to her three exes, all of whom have private photos of her she doesn’t want the world to see.

First, there’s Dustin, her first love from Little Grass, Kentucky, who she left to pursue her acting dreams in California.

Then there’s Topeka, the hot and sexually adventurous man Catherine met at a diner in Kansas, and with whom Catherine traveled across the nation.

Finally, there’s Marco, the charming and emotionally dangerous Hollywood director who broke up with her two years ago.

As Catherine deals with her exes and the photos, she has to confront not only who she was but who she is and who she wants to be.

And who she wants to be with…

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