Everyone knows there are two types of people in this world: those who participate in sex studies, and those who don’t.

At first, second, and third glance it would appear that I, Tessa Stewart, professional wallflower, adventure non-seeker, risk avoider, party animal (if that animal is a respectable sloth who doesn’t make much noise and goes to sleep promptly at nine pm), the girl who is remembered by all her collegiate peers of four years as ‘Who?’, would fall squarely onto the side of ‘No’ in the sex study dichotomy.

So when my best friend accidentally sent me the link to apply for participation in a high paying sex study requiring one girl and three guys, he apologized. I wasn’t that ‘type’ of girl, after all.

But what he didn’t know was that I was done being any ‘type’ of girl. 

I was done being the ‘quiet one' who was in love with her best friend, fantasized about her hot yoga instructor, and despite loathing her Neanderthal drumming neighbor, couldn't stop thinking about him.

I was done fitting into this box or that so easily. I was tired of being the Tessa Stewart who would never, ever participate in a sex study.

I wanted to see, for just once in my life, what it would be like to be the Tessa Stewart who did.

When fantasy becomes reality x 3…

I’d been doing just fine as a New York food and wine critic, content with books, baking, and my boyfriend. But “content” wasn’t what I was after. Passion and excitement were more like it, but now that I’d gotten royally dumped and unceremoniously fired, “sucked” was the best word to describe my life.

So I moved. To Northern California. To claim my inheritance from my great-aunt: a run-down house in a small town that had yet to recognize the arrival of the twenty-first century. 

The house was a wreck and there was no money for repairs. But then the Fix-It Guys arrived, three sexy as sin alpha males who offered their services to fix up the house…and teach me a thing or two about hammering, nailing, and drilling.

Suddenly I had all the passion and excitement I could handle. 

Taylor, Dom, and Logan were all about giving me what I wanted, and I was more than happy to cater to their needs as well. But falling in love with three men? That never happens, at least not with a happily ever after, right? 


Grab hold—Kayla’s path to love with three hot men will take you on a wild ride.

He’s bound by duty. She’s a free spirit. They could never work, unless…

Molly believes in exploring wherever life takes her, even if that means parts of a royal palace in Scotland that are closed to the public. And if she’s mistaken for a world famous painter and given a private audience with the deliciously sexy Duke of Roxburghe, then why not pretend to be somebody else, at least for a while?

Callum doesn’t have time for fun and games—not when he’s got a country to run and a legacy to uphold. But when a free-spirited American works her way past the palace guards, she somehow manages to break down the walls around his heart too. If only he could make her understand that despite their mutual attraction, his feelings for her are simply too intense, too passionate, too dirty, to reconcile with his duty-filled life.

Will Callum learn that the needs of his heart are just as important as the needs of his country? And will Molly trust that Callum is the man who’ll love her for a lifetime and beyond? Find out in this regal romp filled with mistaken identities, forbidden loves, and exciting twists that don’t stop coming.

Navy SEAL Mitch Trenton never let anything get in his way until a battlefield injury sent him to the sidelines. He’s determined to return to his team, and equally determined to get to know his sexy physical therapist. Too bad she’s a stickler for following the rules, which means keeping things professional no matter how hot their shared physical attraction.

Paige O'Kelly was already abandoned by one adrenaline-seeking man in uniform, so even if Mitch wasn’t her patient she wouldn’t go there. If only he’d slow down with both the training and the flirting—he’s pushing both her and his body way too hard.

Soon, intense passion trumps professional boundaries and Paige discovers the depth of the man behind the tough SEAL facade and the sexy banter. But when Mitch insists he’s ready to rejoin his team and Paige knows he still needs to heal, the deep connection they were starting to build is put in jeopardy. Will Mitch learn to trust Paige’s opinion before he takes a risk that could destroy his body and cost him the woman he loves? And will Paige discover Mitch is the one man she can count on today, tomorrow, and always?

High finance and a sizzling office affair...

Cara Michal has fought every step of the way to earn her place in the glittering seven-figure world of Wall Street. She keeps her head down and does her job, but there are secret desires swirling inside her and it’s taking everything she has to keep herself in control.

All that changes when Cara gives in to her wild side and kisses a sexy stranger at an office party… 

Branden Duke is a man who seemingly has it all—money, power, prestige. He’s missing one thing, though…a woman who connects with him on a physical and emotional level, and that’s Cara.

When the past comes back to haunt them, Branden and Cara risk losing everything to keep what’s most important to them—each other.

**Beginning November 1, 2020, Filthy Rich Alpha will be available exclusively on the Radish app. 

Can an uptight prosecutor with a dark past and a laid-back, southern defense attorney find love despite their opposing agendas?

She's determined to keep her distance.  He wants to pull her close.  Together they'll find their place in each other's hearts.

Five years ago, Natalie Haynes left her small hometown of Playbook Springs to become a celebrity photographer in Los Angeles, California. When she moved she swore she’d never return to the place where others mocked her and her family, claiming they were gold diggers. But when her Hollywood actor boyfriend publicly humiliates her, pregnant Natalie has no choice but to return home. The last thing she expects is to be offered a job by her older brother’s best friend, Daniel “Coop” Cooper.

Coop has plans to expand the hardware store his parents left him, and Natalie’s artistic talent will help make it happen. Soon, however Coop realizes that what he wants most is Natalie herself. Only Natalie’s not planning on staying in Playbook Springs. She’s pregnant with another man’s child, and she believes she and her baby will never truly belong in Coop’s world. 

But Coop won’t let Natalie go without a fight. He’s liked her since she was a child. He’s in love with the woman she’s become. And he wants to be a father to Natalie’s child. Now he just has to prove that no matter where she lives, Natalie will always be home in the arms of the cowboy who loves her.

My brother was doing me a favor when he asked his two best friends if one could be my date to a fancy work party. Unfortunately, BOTH of them showed up and now my rigid boss, who didn’t like me to begin with, thinks I’m in a polyamorous relationship. The kicker? She’s proud of me because it turns out she’s in a (secret) poly relationship too.

When I try to tell my boss the truth, things don’t go well. Now, to keep my job, I’m faking a relationship with Landry, the happy-go-lucky charmer trying to mask his pain, and Fletcher, my bearded, tattoo artist ex-boyfriend holding a grudge.

Soon, I’m creating spreadsheets to keep our facts straight, attending swanky parties at my boss’s (aka my new best friend’s) mansion, and even attending couples therapy. Then things get complicated…

Now it’s not just my career on the line, but my heart. Because Landry and Fletcher agreed to fake it, and I’ve fallen in love…with both of them.