Sext Addict

SERIES: Standalones
GENRES: Reverse Harem

Everyone knows there are two types of people in this world: those who participate in sex studies, and those who don’t. 

At first, second, and third glance it would appear that I, Tessa Stewart, professional wallflower, adventure non-seeker, risk avoider, party animal (if that animal is a respectable sloth who doesn’t make much noise and goes to sleep promptly at nine pm), the girl who is remembered by all her collegiate peers of four years as ‘Who?’, would fall squarely onto the side of ‘No’ in the sex study dichotomy. 

So when my best friend accidentally sent me the link to apply for participation in a high paying sex study requiring one girl and three guys, he apologized. I wasn’t that ‘type’ of girl, after all. 

But what he didn’t know was that I was done being any ‘type’ of girl.

I was done being the ‘quiet one’ who was in love with her best friend, fantasized about her hot yoga instructor, and despite loathing her Neanderthal drumming neighbor, couldn’t stop thinking about him. 

I was done fitting into this box or that so easily. 
I was tired of being the Tessa Stewart who would never, ever participate in a sex study.

I wanted to see, for just once in my life, what it would be like to be the Tessa Stewart who did.

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