Rock Candy Boxed Set 1: Books 1-3

GENRES: Contemporary Romance

This boxed set collection includes three full novels—Rock Strong, Rock Dirty, and Rock Wild—each with a passionate and pulse-pounding story inside.

Rock Strong: Frontman Liam is dying to teach his sexy but reserved background cellist Abbie that living on the wild side is the perfect composition for love.

In Rock Dirty, drummer Tucker spots couture shoe designer Nikki in the TSA line and spontaneously follows her to Paris where he learns she’s even more wild than he is. Can love mend these two wounded hearts?

Rock Wild: Bass guitarist Corbin travels to Louisiana to recapture his love for music and in doing so meets Aimee, a curly-haired Cajun girl who has no use for a rock star—until he proves her wrong, in bed and out.

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