Hard Act

GENRES: Contemporary Romance

Davis Young is a wealthy, handsome, financier with a secret longing for the forbidden, including the daughter of his sworn enemy.

An orphan with few options, Davis ends up in the service of King, a dangerous mob boss. His only consolation? Occasional moments with King’s daughter, Bella Prince, who seems to see something in Davis that others don’t. Davis falls for her, the woman who heats his blood like no other, only to be betrayed.

Years later, Bella shows up for help, claiming she never betrayed him, and offering to be his. In his bed. In his arms. Even on her knees. A strong woman, she’s dreamed of Davis dominating her in a way she’s never allowed a man to do before.

Davis is more than happy to give Bella what she wants, but only because it’s what he wants, too. Will he be able to safeguard his heart or will he give everything to defeat their enemies and make Bella his?

Read an excerpt from Hard Act.

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