Bedding the Wrong Brother Excerpt

(For adults only; may contain explicit language):

“Do you want to—” Melina raised a hand and pressed it against his shirt. “—you know. Undress?”

“Is that what you want?” When she nodded her head, he moved to step back, but then froze. He couldn’t let go of her yet. He kneaded her neck, loving the way her eyes glazed over and she bit her lip with strong, white teeth. “Do you want to know what I want?”

She cleared her throat. “Of course. That’s why I’m here, remember?”

Right. She was here because by some miracle, she wanted to know what turned him on. As with magic and most other things, action was his favorite means of communication.

He bent down, and her eyes narrowed in that adorable semi-squint again. When his closed lips touched hers, they fluttered shut completely. Thinking she had the right idea, he closed his eyes and savored that first moment of contact.

It was like diving into heaven. Her lips were soft. Her breath even softer. Gently at first, his tongue sought hers. Rubbed. Parried. Thrust. When her breath hitched, he growled and opened his mouth wider, angling his head for optimum penetration.

Her mouth was so sweet, her taste so intoxicating, that he immediately imagined how sweet she’d taste in other places. Beneath his pants, his cock swelled to such stiff readiness that his ragged groan sounded tortured. Shakily, he pulled away. “I need more of you. Need to feel you against me.”

Her eyes were fixed on his fingers as he unbuttoned his shirt, but when he finished the last button, he reached for her. “Let’s get you comfortable first,” he said. To his surprise, she shook her head.

Instead of backing away from him, however, she moved closer, snaked her hands inside his open shirt, and placed her palms against his chest. With a look of wonder, she slid her hands up, then down, then up again. “You’re so—” She swallowed audibly. “You’re so warm and hard.”

He wasn’t just warm. He was hot, and her hands on his bare skin were burning him alive. “Melina,” he groaned. Wrapping his fingers around her wrist, he dragged her hand down to his throbbing dick. “Here. Just for a minute,” he pleaded. “Please touch me here.”

He let go of her hand but she didn’t move, and he wondered if he’d moved too fast too soon. But then she cupped him through his jeans and rubbed gently. His head fell back, and he gritted his teeth at the pleasure.

“Does that feel good?”

He glanced down, but she wasn’t looking at him. At least not at his face. Her gaze was plastered to her hand and what it was doing to him. “It feels like heaven,” he gasped out. “Better than heaven.”

That made her look at him. “What could be better than heaven?” she teased from beneath heavy eyelids.

He couldn’t resist touching her anymore. He cupped her breasts, pushing them together and deepening her cleavage before he buried his face in it. Kneading her breasts gently, he dipped his tongue inside her top and into her soft skin. “So sweet.” Slowly, one hand dropped down to the hot spot between her thighs, making her jerk. “So hot. Are you wet, Melina?”


He raised his head to look at her. “Are you?” he crooned.

She just shook her head.


She shook her head again. “I—I—“

“It’s okay,” he said. “How about I find out for myself?”

He curled his fingers around and underneath one leg of her underwear. He groaned when her juices immediately covered his fingertips. She whimpered. “Oh yeah. You’re wet. Just like I’ve always imagined.” He found the hard nub of her clitoris and pressed firmly against it.

“Oh my God,” she panted. “What are you doing? I’m supposed to be pleasing you.”

He chuckled. “Believe me. Nothing pleases me more than knowing that you’re wet and hungry for me. You hungry, Melina?”

Slowly, he pushed one finger inside her. The hand cupping his dick tightened then dropped away completely, moving to grab his wrist. She didn’t try to pull his hand away, just held him in a tight grip as if she wasn’t sure what she should do.

Good thing he knew exactly what he was going to do.

A second finger joined the first, and he twisted them, curving them to find the spot that made her head drop onto his shoulder and her moans louder. She was trembling hard, but he suddenly realized that he was, too.

Abruptly, his patience left him, and his need grabbed him by the throat like a wolf going in for the kill. “You know what else I like, ladybug? A big, soft bed underneath me when I make love.” When he tried to withdraw his fingers from her, her grip on his wrist suddenly tightened and tried to keep him where he was. He bent down and kissed her, using his teeth this time to add a new dimension to her pleasure. Slipping his wrist from her hold, he swung her up in his arms, carried her to the bed, and gently tossed her down. “Undress. Now.”