Coming July 2018!

Point Break’s lead guitarist, Wes Shaw, is all about living free—free career choices, free to do as he pleases, free love. As the band’s remaining bachelor, he gets his pick of women and men. But when Wes gets stuck in an elevator with a gorgeous, innocent vixen ready to test her wild side, everything changes.

Sara Crawford is the daughter of a famous TV evangelist getting to know her true self in New York City. Normally, she hides her passionate nature, but when she finds herself trapped with her favorite rock guitarist, she finds a sensual way to keep her mind off her claustrophobia.

Wes knows Sara would be perfect as the lead vixen in his upcoming music video—and perfect in bed. But the moment they’re rescued from the elevator, she flees. Normally, Wes would’ve moved on, but now that he’s met Sara? He can’t let go.

Can Wes convince Sara that she rocks a part of him he never knew existed? And will Sara risk alienating her family to stand by her bad boy’s side forever?

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