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4 STARS from RT Magazine (May 2011):

"Seriously sensual! The sexual tension leaps off the page. DePaul has made a name for herself with paranormal fans who aren’t shy when it comes to titillating dialogue and interaction. This novel dives right into the ensuing conflict, sex or love, from the very first page. Then DePaul wraps a story of betrayal and survival around this elemental conflict."

Alternative World Review

“From the opening gala at the Vamp Dome in Portland, Oregon romantic urban fantasy readers will feel the heat is on between the lead pair and that torridness never abates while the sextet is on their mission, bickering all the way. Fast-paced with terrific twists as betrayal is the prime norm...[R]eaders will relish the adventures of the sensational six struggles to save a species....”

Romance Junkies

“CHOSEN BY BLOOD is an awesome book and I can honestly say once I started it, I couldn’t put it down until I finished it.  Knox is you[r] typical alpha vampire who is used to being obeyed when he gives orders.  Felicia has been fighting her feelings for a long time and feels as if she’s betraying her friend even after she is gone.  Tension and drama are hallmarks of this tale and every chapter brings a different twist.  The sensual tension between Knox and Felicia are so hot they could set the pages on fire.  I really enjoyed the constant struggle between Knox and Felicia and it was a battle of wills to see who would cave first.  Virna DePaul has definitely earned another fan with me and I will be looking for the other books in this series as well as looking forward to future ones.”

The Book Reading Gals

“Chosen by Blood is so well written and the characters just pull you in to their struggles and triumphs, oh and you can’t forget the fact that it is STEAMY but really what would you expect with a gorgeous vampire.

 You will close this book wanting more, and thankfully book 2 Chosen by Fate will be out this Fall, so we won’t have to wait long.”

Among The Muses

“Virna DePaul has created a world in Chosen by Blood that pulsates with life, betrayal, prejudice, and forbidden loves and friendships. A world where not all is who and what they seem, as each turn of the page leads the reader on a mysteriously shrouded adventure. Carefully thought out plot development, masterfully engineered theme, and humans and creatures that could be your friends, family members, and neighbors are only a few of the aspects readers will discover.”

Joyfully Reviewed Recommended Read

“HOLY COW!!!! HOLY COW!!! Let me take a minute and recover! With her first paranormal Virna DePaul knocks it out of the park leaving me panting for more. Knox and Felicia kept me on the edge of my seat wanting them together but aching for the choices Knox faced. Desperate for him to make the decision that would allow Felicia to stay with him. Add to this a new world that I am dying to discover and secondary characters that are begging to have stories, and I find myself addicted! I’m jonesing for MORE!! Readers won’t be disappointed with Chosen by Blood, I can’t recommend it highly enough!”

Fallen Angel Reviews

“Brava! Virna DePaul has knocked my socks off with her debut novel Chosen by Blood. In an increasingly popular genre, DePaul manages a fresh approach to the paranormal that will satisfy even the most die-hard fans. Filled with an exceptionally strong cast, the secondary characters stand out every bit as much as the leads and will have you longing to hear their stories as well.” 

Sugar Beats Books

“This story is most certainly a romance with a wonderful happily ever after, but is skillfully woven into a series. Although it is a complete story in and of itself, there are matters left hanging at the end, and various little teasers are present making the reader want to continue on with the next book. Chosen by Fate is the next book in the series and there was an excerpt at the end of the ARC that I read that has me counting the days until it’s release in the fall of this year.”

Seasons For Romance

Chosen by Blood is a well written paranormal suspense novel with an intricate world and many possible future storylines to look forward to.“

Intrigue Romance Book Store (Australia)

“The first book in a new series, Chosen By Blood is a fascinating mixture of fantasy and spy thriller. Cracking pace and suspenseful plotline make this book a winner! The in- tensely passionate relationship between the two main characters is intertwined with the antagonistic and surprisingly humorous squabbling and occasional all-out brawling of the newly-formed Para-Ops team. You never quite know who is on whose side in this absorbing page-turner.”

Fiction Vixen

“[R]eally enjoyed how fresh and different it felt. I loved the Para-Op team characters and can’t wait to learn more about them. I already have my eye on book 2 and it’s not even out yet. ”

Publisher’s Weekly Daily

“Tensions and emotions run high between supernatural creatures in this mixed-bag series launch. Human FBI special agent Felicia Locke has spent years fighting her attraction to half-vampire Knox Devereaux. When Knox and Felicia are assigned to a newly formed Para-Ops group, proximity heightens their desire. Felicia and Knox are teamed up with four Otherborn and sent on a mission to retrieve an antidote that could once more make human blood palatable to the starving vampire race. The assembly and interaction of the team members gives the story an entertaining "Dirty Dozen" feel.....DePaul offers up an intriguing world rife with moral dilemmas and mistrust.... (May)”

Night Owls Review

“Virna DePaul is a skilled writer, who excels in creating a bleak paranormal world. This author put her own slant on the vampire universe; like that vampires can have children but can’t turn a human being without sacrificing themselves, vamp domes and vamp councils. If you enjoy darker paranormal novels with atypical romances, this novel should be on your bookshelf.”

Love To Read For Fun

“The characters aren't only interesting, but the way she brings them to life is phenomenal. They are witty, strong, and so well-written. Everything flows so wonderfully together. Even the secondary characters will pique your interest. The romance was well written. The sex scenes were super hot! Knox and Felicia both had that "I don't give a shit" attitude, but even when they were together, they had their soft spots and DePaul brought that out perfectly. 

I want to thank Virna DePaul for bringing me back to the paranormal romance world. Now I am super excited to get my hands on the second book in the series, Chosen by Fate, which is set to be released on October 4, 2011. This wait will not be a easy one, but I am sure it will be very well worth in the end. Welcome to my auto buy list Virna DePaul.”

Paranormal Haven

“This is a great debut novel. Once you meet Knox and Felicia you are drawn into their passion for each other, you can't help but yearn to know what will happen next. The team of others that is formed consist of, a wraith whom as lost her memories of herself before she died, a human who has visions and a bit of a cocky mouth, a were who is carrying a load of baggage inside, And a hard on for pushing Knox’ buttons, lastly a mage who has a super crush on the human who is too busy lusting after the wraith to notice her.

There are lots of likable characters In chosen By Blood this book will keep you on your toes. I thought they could have had a little more action since this is what they were brought together for but it was still good the way it was. I can't wait to see what will happen in the next installment and I wonder who will be in it, there are several good ones to pick from.“

The Good, The Bad, and The Unread

“The world is full of the usual paranormal beings, but it’s written in a way that is refreshing. I am hoping the rest of the para-ops team members get books, because Virna DePaul has made each one intriguing and I am definitely left wanting more.”

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