Respected journalist Claire Fullerton fantasizes about being a bad girl, but she also fears that revealing her dark fantasies will open her up to being hurt.

When undercover cop Ty Williamson enters her life, the intense passion she feels for him scares her. Even though Claire is tempted to reveal the vixen inside her, she decides to play it safe and walk away when walking away is the last thing she wants to do. Months later, Claire is captured by a notorious gang of bikers, the Demon Guardians, the same gang Ty has infiltrated. 
Ty and his partner, Luke, have managed to earn the trust of the gang they are trying to shut down. When a senior gang member orders Ty to prove his loyalty by having sex with Claire, all he can think about is getting her to safety—until he sees the desire burning in her eyes. 

Reunited with the woman he’s unable to forget, Ty becomes determined to bind Claire to him. He’ll prove he wants all of her, the good with the bad. In fact, the badder she is, the better they’ll be—together.

**Includes a smoking hot M//F/M scene although the happy ever after is only between the hero and heroine.

**This story was previously titled Copping To It and published under Virna's pen name, Ava Meyers

People used to call her Sure-Thing-Sarah, but the only thing Sarah Larson’s sure about these days is her continuing desire and love for undercover cop Luke Anderson. Only Luke comes from money, and he’s the most honorable and sexually adventurous man she knows. Four years ago, she committed the biggest mistake of her life—fearing she wasn’t good enough for Luke, she left him to marry another cop. One, it turns out, who’s dangerously possessive.

Now, a year after her divorce is final, Luke is back and ready to show Sarah exactly what she’d been missing all this time. He’ll start by accepting her offer of mind-blowing sex in the event her marriage ever ends. Since Sarah’s a woman of her word, she gives in to Luke’s demands. For two days, she commits herself to pleasuring him and to being pleasured in return.

Eventually, Sarah’s old fears rise up to haunt her, but she’s seen the happiness she adds to Luke’s life. Their physical bond is spectacular, but there’s humor, affection, and tenderness there, too.
Sarah’s determined to give their relationship a chance, but first she must confide one final fear to Luke: That when her ex-husband, the man who’s been stalking her for weeks, learns of Luke’s return, he’ll make sure Sarah’s second chance at happiness is destroyed forever.

**Includes a smoking hot M//F/M scene although the happy ever after is only between the hero and heroine.

**This story was previously titled Cop Appeal under Virna's pen name Ava Meyers.

She’s ready to be touched again...

Jenna’s a former centerfold who’s a pro at deflecting male attention—with good reason. A painful past has her mistrustful of men and hell-bent on getting revenge against one in particular, even if it means having to first overcome her fear of physical intimacy. 

He’ll touch her body but also her heart... 

Noah’s an honorable cop used to making a woman feel safe, in bed and out. Although he’s been attracted to Jenna for weeks, he takes her seeming disinterest in stride. When she suddenly offers him a temporary place in her bed, Noah’s willing to give her everything she’s asking for. 

Together, they’ll heal the past and build a future... 

The last thing Noah wants is to walk away. In order to help Jenna truly overcome her fears, Noah will teach her that no fantasy is forbidden and that sometimes surrendering control can be the greatest victory of all.

**This story was previously titled Copping Attitude under Virna's pen name, Ava Meyers.

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