Hard Place: Jericho


Book 4 in series



Haunted, determined, and desirable


Jericho Grant never thought he’d survive the fires of hell only to get a shot at possessing her, his very own angel…


After surviving unbearable loss, Jericho is gifted a second shot at happiness, which includes Delia Faith, a fresh-faced, golden-eyed stepsister who adores him. She’s sweetness and light, and Jericho never imagines she can be his, but he swears to protect her, even from himself.


Then fate intervenes, ripping Jericho’s world apart again, and he has no choice but to push Delia away in order to keep her safe. When she walks out of his life, he fully embraces his true nature, certain he’ll be lost in darkness forever.


Years later, a grown-up, sexy-as-sin Delia strolls into Jericho’s garage, demanding answers.


He warns her he’s not strong enough to turn her away a second time.


When she returns, he goes all in, determined to prove what he’s always known: no one can ever love her the way he can.


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